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Congratulations! You have already taken the first steps in your journey of self-development.

With a tailored approach to suit each clients' needs, I offer One-to-One Coaching, Group Coaching and Workplace Wellbeing.  The common theme that runs throughout all of these packages however is exactly the same... a change of mindset

Our constant thoughts and internal dialogue are extremely powerful.  If they become too negative, we create limiting beliefs that hold us back in our lives and can result in low self-esteem, lack of confidence/motivation and feeling anxious, 'stuck' and unfulfilled.  This then impacts negatively in all areas of our lives, personal, relationships and in the workplace.  It is exactly this negative cycle that we work together to identify and break - then we will reprogram your internal dialogue to allow you to move forwards being the best possible version of yourself and truly thrive.  

I use a variety of tools, techniques and interventions to create the best possible results for my clients, with a focus on the scientific research behind Neuroscience, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Eastern Philosophy, Coaching Techniques and Goal Setting.



Following an initial discovery call (just an informal/no obligation chat over the phone) I will assess how best I can help you and develop a tailored package to suit your individual needs.  The package includes six sessions (widely regarded as the optimum amount required for the best possible results) which can be done face-to-face in and around the Bedfordshire area or we can connect via Zoom.  

Then your transformation begins. 

Once you are fully committed to make this change, we will work together to establish an insight as to what thoughts are driving your current beliefs, feelings and behaviours.  Once we start to discover what is holding you back, I will provide you with a number of tools, techniques and interventions to enable change and help to you to take back control of your life, feel empowered and achieve your goals.​

All sessions are 100% confidential and non-judgemental. 


I have been through my own self-development journey and just want to reach as many people as possible to do the same!

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Some people prefer the interaction and support that group coaching gives and it can also be a more affordable option than one-to-one coaching.  This works well with clients within a certain community who may be experiencing similar setbacks, for example mother and baby groups or any other support groups that would benefit from creating a more healthy mindset.  

The approach is very similar to the one described above in one-to-one coaching with a focus on discovering patterns of behaviour that are holding us back and replacing these with much more resourceful ones.   Many of the tools, techniques and interventions can be done by writing down your learnings and so this gives the flexibility to share as much or as little as you would like to within the group environment.  I do of course ask that everything that is discussed within the group is kept 100% private and confidential.  

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Now more than ever, forward thinking organisations are recognising the importance of supporting their employees' emotional and mental wellbeing.  This in turn has a positive effect on productivity, performance and success at work.  Employees who learn to manage their mindset are less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and sickness - and will move forwards with increased motivation, energy levels and creativity.

If you would like to work with employees who are happier and more fulfilled, I offer group or one-to-one sessions either in person (depending on location - I am based in North Bedfordshire) or via Zoom.  

Let the transformation begin!

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